Global Pattern Of Increase and Decrease in Arable Land

From World Bank (2011)  “Rising Global Interest In Farmland”

“Between 1961 and 2007, the area of cultivated land expanded at some 3.8 million hectares per year (ha/year) globally, compared with a total cultivated area of
1,554 million ha in 2007. This increase was unevenly distributed between developed and developing countries, with small declines in industrial and transition economies and an increase of 5.0 million ha/year in developing countries (table 1.1). Regionally, expansion was most pronounced in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and East Asia. Were it not for advances in productivity, especially the development of land-saving technology,much larger areas would have been brought under cultivation. In fact, 70 percent of the increase in crop production between 1961 and 2005 was due to yield increases, 23 percent to the expansion of arable area, and 8 percent to the intensification of cropping…”



all material in this post are from: World Bank (2011)  “Rising Global Interest In Farmland”

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