Palm Oil and Soybean Oil Most Important Vegetable Oils — For Food and BioFuels



  • Production: Indonesia and Malaysia are the world’s largest Palm Oil producers (more than 87%), accounting for 50.23% and 36.98% of world production respectively.
  • Imports: India, China and Europe are the large Palm Oil importers, accounting for 19.05%, 16.55% and 13.93% respectively.
  • Exports: Indonesia and Malaysia are the worlds’ largest Palm Oil exporters (more than 89%), accounting for 46.27% and 43.05% respectively.


  • Production: China, United States, Argentina, and Brazil are the largest Soybean Oil producers (more than 79%), accounting for 25.17%, 20.08%, 17.685 and 16.46% respectively.
  • Imports: China, India, and Europe are the largest importers of Soybean Oil (more than 39%), accounting for 14.72%, 9.81% and 9.20% respectively.
  • Exports: Argentina and Brazil are the largest exporters of Soybean Oil (more than 74%), accounting for 55.52% and 18.49% respectively.

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