Alternate Perspectives On Employment and Unemployment

Employment Population Ratio: Age 16-64 With No Disability

A higher portion of men in this demographic have jobs than since mid-2009.  Women have about the same ratio of employment as they have had for the last couple of years.

Employment population ratio is the number of people with jobs divided by the total population within the defined demographic.


Unemployment Rate (U4) and Unemployment + Underemployment (U6)

Unemployment and underemployment rate is below 2009-2010 peaks and is improving.


Total Wages & Salaries

Total wages and salaries are at historic highs and well above the pre-2008 levels.


Wages & Salaries and Corporate Profits versus GDP

Wages and salaries are at the lowest ratio to GDP since 1960, whereas corporate profits are at the highest ratio to GDP since 1960.


Total Non-Farm Employment

The number of jobs outside of farms has been rising since 2010, but is still about 4 million below the 2007 peak.


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