Countries Ranked by August PMI

Markit reports PMI survey results done by them and others.  The most recent results show the United States is still in growth mode at 51.5 for August (where 50 is the divide between expansion and contraction).  Last month the U.S. was at 51.4.

The New Orders component was a bit above 50 (expanding) but the New Export Orders was a bit below 50 (contracting).  The difference between those two numbers is a general indication of the strength of the U.S. economy versus weakness of the world economy excluding the U.S.

The world PMI was 48.4, and indication of mild contraction, but an improvement from the 48.1 level in July.

Countries Ranked by August 2012 PMI
Country Proxy ETF Yield ttm Aug Direction
Rising (>=51)
Mexico EWW 1.50 Dn
Canada EWC 2.07 Dn
India PIN 0.30 Dn
Russia RSX 2.16 Up
Indonesia IDX 1.64 Up
USA SPY 1.91 Up
Flat (>49<51)
Ireland EIRL 1.71 Dn
Turkey TUR 2.07 Up
The Netherlands EWN 2.90 Up
United Kingdom EWU 3.66 Up
Falling (<=49)
World ACWI 2.32 Up
Poland EPOL 5.32 Up
Vietnam VNM 0.97 Up
Japan EWJ 2.15 Dn
China GXC 2.39 Dn
South Korea EWY 0.67 Up
Taiwan EWT 3.76 Dn
Italy EWI 3.54 Up
France EWQ 3.34 Up
Australia EWA 4.74 Up
EuroZone EZU 3.77 Up
Germany EWG 2.72 Up
Spain EWP 10.64 Up

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