Technical Chart Metrics for 50 Most Heavily Traded Technology Stocks


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On an equal weighted basis, the 50 most heavily traded tech stocks are 7.38% below their 1-year trailing high, although they are up on average 21.38% over 1 year.  They are up on average 5.40% over the last 10 days.  The price changes are not much different with or without Apple, but the top 50 less Apple is only 6.74% below its trailing 1-year high.

When all 212 of the US Tech Sector stocks are considered on an equal weighted basis, they are 10.68% below their trailing 1-year high, but up 18.90% for 252 days, up 5.51% for 63 days, up 6.16% for 21 days, and up 6.08% for 10 days.

This compares to the S&P 500 on an equal weight basis, which is up 27.80% over 1 year and only 3.79% below the equal weight 1-year trailing high.


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