Top 10 US Stocks Per Sector Ranked For Price vs 1-Year High

These tables present the 10 stocks in each US sector of the total US stock market ranked by how close they are to their 1-year trailing high price as of December 24, 2015.  To be included in the filter universe, each stock had to have a 3-month average Dollar trading volume of at least $10,000 per minute.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of these stocks.  It is merely a snapshot of where we are at essentially year-end 2015.

2015-12-27_21-TopSectorStocks5 2015-12-27_21-TopSectorStocks4 2015-12-27_21-TopSectorStocks3 2015-12-27_21-TopSectorStocks2 2015-12-27_21-TopSectorStocks1

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