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Rational Risk Dividend Income Investor

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Rational Risk uses rules-based selection for a consistent and disciplined approach to equity income opportunity selection. The rules identify stocks with a continuous history of dividend payments and dividend increases, above average yield, trading liquidity, financial health and minimum market-capitalization and price, and which are also recommended by one or more recognized research firms.


End-of-day email alerts for fixed price and trailing stops on mutual funds, stocks and ETFs.

With Risk Management You Sleep Better & Invest Better – StopAlerts Can Help

Knowing what and when to buy is only part of the road to investment success. Knowing what and when to sell is the other part. Too many otherwise good investments go bad, by riding them up to profits and then down again to losses. StopAlerts will notify you by email when an end-of-day price condition you set occurs so that you may take an appropriate action to preserve gains or prevent losses.

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